Causes of cracked skin and best ways to treat it

Cracked skin is usually a concern with dry weather as they go hand in hand. This concern is more problematic for females as dryness causes mostly fingertips, heels, and lips to crack where the skin becomes uneven and irritable. Several remedies can be applied at home to cure cracked skin, but sometimes you need proper dermatological advice to treat them. 

Which factors lead to cracked skin?

Among other factors, dry weather plays a significant part in causing skin dryness and hence cracked skin. But not to overlook that there may be some other skin conditions or diet issues that cause this concern. 

Dry and chapped skin can cause itching and irritation. Dry skin is characterized by rough, dry, red spots on the skin that are typically irritable. Lower thighs, abdomen, and areas of friction, such as ankles, soles, arms, and hands, are commonly affected skin areas. In addition, cracks and fissures on the skin can be counted as its chronic form.

If your skin type is not oily, it means that if your skin doesn't produce oil after some time, it's likely to dry, and you require moisturizers to keep it fresh and hydrated. Dry skin is also prone to cracks if you don't take proper care. Furthermore, the causes of dry skin include soaps and creams, weather conditions, bath temperatures, and the use of drugs.

Soaps and creams

Most people get skin irritation while using kitchen soaps or hand and foot creams. This is because detergents may contain skin allergens that cause skin dryness and hence, skin cracks.

Weather conditions

As mentioned, if you live in a dry climatic area, you are more likely to get skin irritation. This is the reason why heaters are used in such areas to create a substantial level of humidity.

Bath temperatures

Taking regular hot baths can reduce the level of moisture in your skin, hence making it dry. 

Use of drugs 

Dry skin can be counted as a side effect of some medications you take for other medical issues.

Other skin conditions

If you have skin allergies, you should consult a dermatologist for medicated products to use on your skin to prevent dryness.

Talking about the skin conditions in detail, let's start with eczema;


Also known as atopic dermatitis, Eczema is a condition that causes redness and often inflammation on the skin if not treated properly. Therefore, you should seek proper medical advice and act accordingly.

Use Delfina Dry Skin Oil to get rid of Eczema. You may be required to use it for longer than a month as in the first two weeks; you will see eczema lesions go and the new skin coming on. The results are seen gradually. The process of application of Delfina is the same in children as in adults.

Dry, cracked skin, swelling, and itching are its common symptoms, whereas other symptoms include:

  • Rash around knees and elbows
  • Redness on scalp or cheeks
  • Bumps or hives on the skin
  • Blisters

Dry skin in cases of severe dehydration can even crack. While anyone can develop severely dry skin, those over forty who reside in arid, cold regions are susceptible. However, contact dermatitis, an allergic reaction that occurs when the skin comes into contact with an irritant, can sometimes cause severe dryness.

Edema is yet another skin condition and very much similar to eczema. It causes the skin to swell up.

Plaque Psoriasis

Psoriasis is another skin-related disease with varying symptoms in different age groups and people according to their biology. It’s a chronic disease that subsides with time but is not entirely cured. Psoriasis is assumed to be caused by immune system issues that lead the skin to regenerate quicker than average. This high turnover of cells causes scales and red areas in plaque psoriasis, the most common kind of psoriasis.

Its symptoms include the following:

  • Cracked skin
  • Discoloration of nails of both finger and toes
  • Scales on feet and hands
  • Swelling of joints 
  • Joint pain

Delfina Dry Skin Oil is a magical remedy for such skin conditions (Eczema and Psoriasis). It not only restores skin’s hydration by penetrating through its layers but also keeps it soft and glowy. Developed by a doctor, this amazing skin oil can be used twice a day for a fortnight, at least until visible results are seen.

One treatment option that has a solid track record of treating both eczema and psoriasis is Delfina Dry Skin Oil.

Keratolysis exfoliativa

It’s a condition that causes peeling of the skin, especially of hands and feet. The normal skin grows eventually, but it is recurring and occurs again after some time.

These peeled areas may become dry and cracked due to a lack of a typical barrier function. However, they are not generally itchy.

Diabetic neuropathy

Diabetes is a prevalent health condition, especially among the elders or people in the 50 plus age group. When it becomes severe or develops into a worse form, it damages the nerves. The nerves of the legs and feet are mostly affected. It has symptoms varying from mild to severe. As the nerves are damaged, the numbness in the legs and feet leads to the skin being deteriorated as the brain cannot receive any signals and act accordingly. Cracked skin can be counted as one of the milder symptoms of diabetic neuropathy. 

There is no known explanation for each type of neuropathy. Uncontrolled elevated blood sugar, according to research, destroys nerves over time and interferes with their capacity to deliver messages, resulting in diabetic neuropathy. The walls of the tiny blood arteries (capillaries) that supply nutrients and oxygen to the nerves are also weakened by high blood sugar.

If people with diabetes develop ulcers on the soles of their feet due to cracked skin, they should see a doctor. Ulcers can make walking difficult and makes medical help mandatory.

How to remedy Cracked Skin at home?

There is a long list of things to do at home for curing cracked lips, heels, and ankles. In addition, you can do self-treatment at your home if it is not too bad. The home remedies can include the following:

Use of a moisturizer

If you have dry skin, you should regularly use a moisturizing cream or lotion to keep your skin fresh and crack-free. Also, use lip balms for chapped lips. Talking about moisturizers, Delfina Dry Skin Oil is a one-stop solution for all your dry skin-related problems. With its herbal ingredients, it keeps your skin’s moisture balance and keeps it glowing and fresh for a long time.

Use Delfina

Delfina Dry Skin Oil is used to treating and eliminating cracked skin, but also, if you use it as a preventive measure for other adverse skin conditions, you will no longer be concerned about getting Eczema or Psoriasis.

Adjust bathing temperature

You should use warm rather than hot or cold water while taking a bath.

Avoid direct contact with detergents

While washing clothes or utensils, you should wear gloves to avoid direct contact with soaps that causes skin irritation or redness. 

Dry skin might be irritated by some specific fabrics. For instance, smooth, breathable clothes, such as cotton or silk, are soft on the skin, while textured materials, such as wool, should be avoided. Allergen-free laundry detergents and fabric softeners can also help alleviate inflammation.


If you live in a dry climatic region, then heaters in the living room or bedrooms can adjust the level of moisture in the air and help reduce skin dryness.


Exfoliating your skin effectively cleanses dead, dry cells from the surface. This is the most common treatment for cracked heels and feet. However, according to thousands, the most effective treatment for cracked skin is Delfina Dry Skin Oil.

If you still want to exfoliate, take warm water in a tub, add some essential mineral oils, lemon, honey, and any cleanser and soak your feet and hands in the tub. Next, use a pumice stone or your hands to gently massage your feet and legs and rub away dead and dry skin. Repeat this procedure twice a week to get smooth skin.

Medical Treatment

If the condition deteriorates or the redness and irritation persists, then you should consult a doctor immediately. Skin bleeding, pain and blisters should be treated with proper ointments with the dermatologist’s prescription.

Bottom Line

Cracked skin is frequently caused by dehydrated, inflammatory, or irritated skin. This occurs when your skin loses so much moisture that it cracks. Cracked skin is most usually observed on the feet, hands, and lips, but it can occur elsewhere on the body.

People who had skin problems that led to cracked skin have found relief through Delfina Dry Skin Oil. In many cases, their cracked skin was entirely eliminated within five days or less. However, if you have a more severe form of or widespread skin cracks, you can prolong the use of Delfina, depending on your condition.

With Delfina Dry Skin Oil, you can stop worrying about skin irritants in moisturizers as it contains all the natural ingredients that don’t disturb your skin’s PH balance.