Haile, 34


My skin condition ranges from dry skin, hives, eczema, and being extremely sensitive. I couldn't freely wear makeup, which I love, because of all the dry patches. I also couldn't go to the gym because it made my eczema worse. After using Delfina for only 1 week, my eczema was nearly gone. I love the product, the packaging, and the spray bottle was an amazing idea.

Jay, 46

Cracked Heels

My skin was extremely dry and cracked. It was painful to walk around barefoot. It was embarrassing wearing sandals. After using the product for only 3 days, I started seeing noticeable results. My heels completely cleared after about 10 days. I love this product and highly recommend it!

Maria, 29

Scalp Psoriasis

I cannot express how thankful I am for this company and their dry skin oil. I have tried everything under the sun to try to help and heal my psoriasis and nothing has worked. This is the only product that has truly helped and healed my psoriasis on my neck, in between my fingers and on my knees. Not only has it helped but it’s natural and I can trust that what I’m putting on my skin is safe AND effective. I saw results within a week. I do have to be consistent and use it every night and morning. No more itching, redness, flare ups. Just super thankful and will always be using this product for when my psoriasis flares up!

Ingrid, 1

Baby Eczema

My baby couldn’t partake in regular activities outside of our home because of her eczema. The winter months made her skin even more severe. We couldn’t go on a walk because of the effect cold winds would have on her cheeks. We couldn’t do any activities in the snow because of her skin condition. After using Delfina for about 3 weeks, her skin incredibly improved and she can finally do what she loves that she couldn’t do before such as going to the beach or go on walks because of the constant discomfort caused by eczema. Thank you Delfina for such an incredible product!

Leona, 54


My psoriasis developed about two years ago on my arms. For the last year, the plaques became very thick so I wasn’t even able to touch anything. It obviously severely affected the quality of my life.

I couldn’t go to social events, engage in physical activity, and constantly felt depressed. But after using Delfina, all of that changed. I can finally live like a normal person and use my hands for the most basic functions in life. 

Daisy, 24


As many of you know I love to take long walks outdoors or the beach. I couldn't partake in those activities because of my eczema flaring up.

After using Delfina Dry Skin Oil for two weeks, my skin incredibly improved and I can finally do what I love! I couldn't engage in my favorite activities before because I was self-conscious of my face flaring up. For sufferers like myself with skin conditions, we are more likely to feel self-conscious and I am glad I am now comfortable in my own skin thanks to Delfina.

Teresa, 34


I was super self conscious about wearing anything without sleeves. When I did, I would make sure to use a self tanner to minimize the look and texture when my eczema would flare up. After using Delfina for only 48 hours, the skin texture was almost completely gone and the red irritated itchy skin was soothed and gone! I no longer have to worry about embarrassing flare ups and can wear whatever I want, whenever!

Chayse, 29


My psoriasis has made me feel like I couldn’t wear shorts or short sleeved shirts because I didn’t want to show my red spots. After using Delfina for 6 weeks my spots started to clear. I can wear shorts and short sleeves without feeling insecure of my spots!

Arty, 64


What a miracle this oil has been for me!
I couldn’t believe the transformation I experienced by using Delfina. I can finally spend time with my children and grandchildren without feeling self-conscious about my condition since it has been eliminated thanks to Dr. C’s magic oil.”

Arielle, 35


I'm a model, I take pictures and my hand was very ugly because of psoriasis. But now my hand is much better and I have no problem taking pictures where my hand appears.
Delfina Skin has been great for my psoriasis, it keeps my skin hydrated for a long time. Greatly reduced skin peeling in just 5 days. This is the best product I have ever found for this condition.

Lua, 33

Dry Skin

My dry hands and oily face always made me feel embarrassed and uncomfortable especially when I would put on my makeup or exercise. I would also feel itchiness and irritation.

Even though my oily face dried out a lot, I love this product because I can use it on my face and it doesn't give that oily feeling. After using Delfina for only 2 weeks, my life completely changed. This product is the best!

Mary, 47

Cracked Heels

I have always seen on the television about Delfina Skin products and always wondered how much it would help me out until one day I decided to order the product and try it out. The bottoms of my feet were very dry and harsh to touch. I would feel very insecure about them. I started using Delfina Skin two months ago and after 25 days, I saw incredible improvement on the bottom of my feet. I highly recommend this product to anyone suffering with dryness and damage under their feet, don’t think twice if it’ll work or not because it works astoundingly. 

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