Delfina Skin Dry Skin Oil was created by Dr. Norayr Chilingaryan (“Dr. C”) in order to promote healthier skin so people can not only look better but feel better too.  Dry skin is a problem that millions of people across the globe experience for a variety of reasons.  Dry skin only occurs occasionally for some, but for many others, it is a constant problem that plagues them and greatly affects their well-being.  

Dry skin generally occurs when you are exposed to cold weather, irritating chemicals, or frequent contact with water.  It can also occur in people that have an underlying skin disease such as eczema or psoriasis.  There are several conditions which can cause the skin’s top layers to become dehydrated and eventually lead to dryness.  Delfina Skin was founded in order to help people from all walks of life end their battle with unhealthy skin once and for all.

Dr. C was born in Yerevan, Armenia.  From the time he was a young boy, he was aware that his calling in life was to be a physician.  He knew that he could help others and be a positive force in the lives of his patients.  It was while he was in Armenia in the early 1980s working as a young physician that he discovered a natural solution for dry skin, a condition from which he struggled personally.  The product he created miraculously eliminated skin dryness and Delfina Skin Dry Skin Oil was born.  Dr. C was excited to share his product with others so they could experience the same relief he had from his oil. 

Dr. C had established himself as a successful physician in Armenia, but eventually he decided to bring his family to the United States.  The transition to the United States was challenging yet rewarding, but the best part was when he was able to let thousands of people use his oil.  The results of the product on others were just as profound as they had been on himself.  He was able to witness the positive impact that Delfina Skin Dry Skin Oil had on people from all walks of life and ages.  These miraculous benefits are being recognized to this day as more and more people become aware of Delfina Skin Dry Skin Oil.

Unlike many other products that wash away with soap and water and lose their effectiveness, Delfina Skin Dry Skin Oil stays on the skin even after washing.  The incredible level of potency of our product is one of its key distinguishing characteristics from others on the market.  Dr. C’s team has been providing thousands of people in California with his product to combat all forms of dry skin including cracked heels, eczema, psoriasis and many other conditions.  Dr. C is excited to be able to share his dry skin formulation so that everyone can experience relief from the problem of skin dryness and its undesirable consequences.


Our mission is to serve people of all ages and from all walks of life with a safe and soothing product to revitalize dry, cracked skin.

We believe the right skincare solution does more than provide temporary relief. It heightens quality of life. With this in mind, our founder, Dr. C, set out to provide life-changing solutions such us:

  • Skin hydration that lasts through frequent hand washing
  • Fast healing for lesions from eczema and plaques from psoriasis
  • An end to cracking and bleeding
  • Deep-penetrating skin nutrition to slow visible signs of aging
  • Relief from pain and itch
  • Soft, beautiful skin

Such high standards cannot be met by recycling old formulas or taking shortcuts. We believe that forging new paths means thinking differently. Delfina Skin Dry Skin Oil is a proprietary formula based on years of research and unique medical insight.

We also know that a truly effective product adheres to standards of safety and wellness. We use all natural ingredients that work with your skin’s physiology—no harsh chemicals or synthetic fragrances. Beautiful, healthy skin should be safe and accessible for all people, regardless of age, allergies, or sensitivity.

Above all, it is our mission to provide freedom . . . freedom from pain, distraction, and embarrassment, so that every individual has the opportunity to enjoy life and take pride in their skin.

Delfina Skin