10 Skincare Myths You Should Stop Believing

Everybody wishes for a clear, radiant complexion. However, achieving flawless and clear skin is more about our ability to separate fact from fiction than it is about how diligently we adhere to a cleansing regimen or how much money we spend on products. The beauty industry is full of myths, maybe even more in terms of skincare. The reality is that much skincare advice is ineffective. Some skincare myths can even be harmful, whether it's the more recent trend of gua sha tools and jade rollers, which appear to increase circulation of the skin, or the age-old belief that blackheads can be scrubbed away.

Here, professionals differentiate fact from fiction and reveal the most effective techniques for erasing years from your face.

Myth #1: It's Okay To Sleep In Your Makeup Occasionally

The last thing you want to do at the end of a long day is dragging yourself to the bathroom to wash off a full face of makeup. We understand—the struggle is genuine. Snoozing in your foundation, mascara, or lipstick, on the other hand, is a bad idea. When you sleep with makeup on, it can combine with debris, dirt, oil, and pollutants that have accumulated on the surface of your skin throughout the day (yes, even if you work from home), resulting in clogged pores. Additionally, clogged pores can result in breakouts. 

Further, pollutants and debris can degrade your collagen, resulting in premature aging over time. The good news is that you can simplify the process by using a no-rinse makeup remover, such as micellar water or makeup removing towelettes. Keep them next to your bed, so you don't have to leave the room to remove your makeup—it's that simple!

Myth #2: The More Expensive a Product, the Better the Results

Its price does not always determine the effectiveness of a skincare product — it is determined by what is contained within. Therefore, expensive products are better products. However, it’s not always true! The composition and formulation of a product are better than the other. Each skin reacts to different ingredients differently. Therefore, we need to choose products that best work with our type of skin. To learn more about your skin, you may consult a dermatologist so you can select your essential skincare products more sensibly. 

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Myth #3: Showers with hot water are beneficial to the skin

While relaxing in a hot shower on a cold day may feel fantastic, it is detrimental to your skin. Hot water can strip essential oils from your skin, leaving it drier. So, rather than a hot shower, we recommend lowering the temperature to lukewarm or slightly cooler water. Showering less frequently is also recommended.

Myth #4: Do you have oily skin? Leave out the moisturizer

Avoiding moisturizer is a bad idea whether your skin is dry, normal, or oily. Pollution, UV rays, and excess purification may damage the skin's moisture barrier, resulting in moisture loss and oil production. Instead of skipping moisturizer, choose one suitable for your skin type. For instance, for oily skin, opt for a light, oil-free/water-based moisturizer you can check out here. Then every morning and night after cleansing your face, the moisturizer smoothes over your face.

Our recommended product is Delfina Dry Skin Oil; customers have referred to the product as a "miracle," a "life-changer," "amazing," "heaven," and a "wonder.” It is a miracle worker when it comes to cracked skin, eczema, and psoriasis. It hydrates the skin by infusing it with beneficial nutrients and antioxidants that help restore its integrity and provide long-lasting protection.

When moisturizing, stick to products that are not harsh on your skin. We recommend Delfina Dry Skin Oil.

Myth #5: Wipes are sufficient to cleanse your face

There is nothing incorrect with using wipes to remove makeup. However, you do need to reconsider your approach to wiping your face, and that is it. Consider this: when you wash your body, you take a washcloth with a small amount of soap and rub it all over your body. After that, you put on your clothes and head out. You are getting what we’re saying? While you may have removed some dirt, is it truly all gone? You should wash your face. You are using only water and a high-quality cleanser! In relation, you may want to reconsider using wipes when your skin is sensitive because they may be too abrasive.

Myth #6: After Observing Improvement, You May Discontinue Using Anti-Aging Products

Once you've achieved the results you desire — looking younger and smoothing out wrinkles — you may believe you can stop using your products and simply enjoy the glow. That being said, once you see results, your anti-aging skincare products may need to continue to be used to protect them. Therefore, it’s better to consult your dermatologist.

Myth #7: Acne can be caused by chocolate

Chocolate has long been believed to be an acne-causing substance that wreaks havoc on your skin's health, but scientific evidence to support this claim is lacking. In addition, sebum, a skin-producing natural oil, is mostly good. Therefore, chocolate consumption or abstention does not affect your skin's health.

Myth #8: Tanning Increases the Risk of Skin Cancer

The fact that tanning can cause skin cancer is another common misconception about skincare. At the same time, excessive UV rays may cause skin cancer. Skin cancer is caused by cumulative exposure over a lifetime, not by a single tanning bed session or beach afternoon. However, prolonged tanning can cause skin damage and possibly skin cancer.

Myth #9: Toners tend to be highly drying

If you choose a toner free of drying alcohols, it can be both moisturizing and balancing. “There are numerous excellent toners available today, and whether you need one depends on your skin type, your lifestyle, and your location,” says dermatologist and cosmetologist Dr. Aakriti Mehra, Genius of skin in Mumbai, India. For instance, suppose you recall the tingly, tight sensation caused by your old toners. In that case, this is because the alcohol strips the skin of its natural sebum, destroying the natural moisturizing factor (NMF) and altering the skin's pH. This, in turn, can eventually result in oiliness, as a lack of moisture and hydration can cause the skin to compensate excessively.

Myth #10: It Is Appropriate To Touch Your Face

Are you sure of that? Allow us to explain why you do not. Our hands come into contact with the following items throughout the day: fast food tables, random doorknobs, your dirty cellphone, public restroom stalls, public transportation seats, random benches, keyboards, keys, and random chairs. After a typical day, your hands resemble a cornucopia of Petri dishes, which you then squeeze onto your face. Do you believe that is still a good idea? If you absolutely must touch your face for whatever reason, please thoroughly wash them before doing so for the love of your skin.

Bottom Line

Skincare is one of the most discussed topics in the world of beauty. Unfortunately, we hear numerous skincare myths repeatedly every now and then where people start believing them, but they are not valid. For instance, there is no evidence that scalp massage can prevent baldness. Also, it is tempting to think that drinking water keeps the skin hydrated, but the skin will not automatically absorb water; however, it's good for cells to get hydrated as water penetrates the bloodstream and is filtered by the kidney. So drinking water all the time is a myth.

If you find abnormalities in your skin or are concerned about keeping your skin healthy, consult your doctor or dermatologist. If you hear someone repeating these myths about the skin, you can straighten them out.

Moisturizers, for instance, help lock the moisture in the skin and strengthen the lipid barrier, thus helping to keep bacteria, pollutants, and even UV light out. Having said that, Delfina Dry Skin Oil hydrates the skin layers by penetrating them. Delfina should be applied twice daily for the first 14 days with one spray per application on the desired area.