Delfina Before and After: See How Our Oil is Changing Lives

We love hearing Delfina before and after stories. We live for new reports about how our doctor-developed formula is changing lives. Customer testimonials serve as a constant reminder of our mission to make smooth, healthy skin attainable for everyone.

We regularly hear from individuals who tell us Delfina Skin Dry Skin Oil is the only product that works to relieve their dry skin. 

And almost everyone who tries Delfina Skin is blown away by the fast results.

That said, we know many people considering Delfina for the first time do so with some degree of skepticism. Countless products have promised to moisturize your skin and leave you with a healthy glow. If those solutions didn’t work, why would ours?

You can learn how and why Delfina works from a scientific standpoint right here on our website. But for now, we want to share the insights that really matter:

Real Delfina before and after results . . . from real people just like you.

Delfina Before and After: Eczema

If you have eczema, you know that the discomfort of dryness and itch is only the tip of the iceberg. Eczema interferes with your lifestyle, makes you want to hide away, and can even cause sleep deprivation and depression.

This is why we are driven to help eczema sufferers find relief. And it looks like we’re succeeding.

Here are some Delfina before and after stories from real eczema survivors.

Teresa Stopped Hiding

“I was super self-conscious about wearing anything without sleeves,” says Teresa, age 34. “When I did, I would make sure to use a self-tanner to minimize the look and texture when my eczema would flare up.”

This is a pain many people with eczema are all too familiar with. Then Teresa tried Delfina. While we expect individuals suffering from this skin condition to see results in 5-30 days, Teresa felt relief almost immediately. After only 48 hours, the redness and irritation were gone.

Before and After

She says, “I no longer have to worry about embarrassing flare-ups and can wear whatever I want, whenever!”

Arty and Daisy Live the Lives They’ve Dreamed About

Eczema flares can cause self-consciousness, and self-consciousness often stops sufferers from living the lives they deserve. Fortunately, Delfina has given many of these people their lives back.

Arty, 64, says, “I couldn’t believe the transformation I experienced by using Delfina. I can finally spend time with my children and grandchildren without feeling self-conscious about my condition.”

Before and After

Daisy, 24, knows the pain Arty has been living with. She has always loved taking long walks and visiting the beach, but she always felt the urge to hide away because of facial flare-ups.

Before and After

“After using Delfina Dry Skin Oil for two weeks, my skin significantly improved and I can finally do what I love!” Daisy says. “I am glad I am now comfortable in my own skin thanks to Delfina.”

Baby Ingrid No Longer Lives with Discomfort

Baby eczema affects multiple lives. Infants who have eczema live with constant discomfort while their parents organize their lives around the skin condition. Many parents also struggle to find natural solution options they feel comfortable using on a child.

“My baby couldn’t partake in regular activities outside of our home because of her eczema,” says the parent of Ingrid, age 1. “The winter months made her skin even more severe. We couldn’t go on a walk because of the effect cold winds would have on her cheeks.”

Before and After

Ingrid’s parents discovered Delfina, a safe, natural formula for soothing baby eczema. Did it work?

“After using Delfina for about 2-3 weeks, her skin incredibly improved and she can finally do what she loves . . . Thank you Delfina for such an incredible product!”

Delfina Before and After: Psoriasis

Our potent formula also has powerful effects for those living with psoriasis. People who struggle with this condition report that lesions and plaques clear with regular application . . . often sooner than expected.

Inevitably, their quality of life skyrockets with the improved health of their skin.

Check out these Delfina before and after stories.

Chayse and Arielle Finally Feel Good in Their Own Skin

“My psoriasis has made me feel like I couldn’t wear shorts or short sleeved shirts because I didn’t want to show my red spots,” says Chayse, 29. After using Delfina, that problem is ancient history.

“After using Delfina for 6 weeks, my spots started to clear,” she explains. “I can wear shorts and short sleeves without feeling insecure about my spots!”

Before and After

Arielle, 35, is not used to being uncomfortable in her skin. As a model, she’s used to being the center of attention. But when she developed psoriatic skin on one hand, she had to pose strategically, keeping her hand out of the photo.

Before and After

Then she discovered Delfina.

“I experienced greatly reduced skin peeling in just 5 days,” she says. “Now my hand is much better and I have no problem taking pictures where my hand appears. Delfina Skin . . . keeps my skin hydrated for a long time. This is the best product I have ever found for this condition.”

Leona is Living a Full Life Again

It isn’t just self-consciousness that stops psoriasis patients from regular activities. Some sufferers are physically limited by the pain and discomfort of the condition.

Leona, 54, knows this frustration very well. Her psoriasis developed only two years ago, but it became debilitating with shocking speed. “The plaques became very thick so I wasn’t even able to touch anything,” she says. “It obviously severely affected the quality of my life.”

Leona’s story delves into the physical plus emotional struggle that we at Delfina want to help all psoriasis patients overcome. “I couldn’t go to social events, engage in physical activity, and constantly felt depressed.

Before and After

“But after using Delfina, all of that changed.”

Leona’s Delfina before and after photos tell the story better than we can. Her plaques have almost completely cleared up. “I can finally live like a normal person,” she says.

Maria No Longer Struggles with Scalp Psoriasis

Anyone who has scalp psoriasis knows this condition is especially tricky to treat . . . and hard to live with. After maneuvering around hair to treat the scalp, individuals living with scalp psoriasis feel like they’ve found a solution when they discover Delfina.

Just look at the Delfina before and after story of Maria, age 29.

Before and After

“I have tried everything under the sun to try and help heal my psoriasis, and nothing has worked,” says Maria. “This is the only product that has truly helped and healed my psoriasis on my neck, in between my fingers, and on my knees.”

Maria also feels reassured by the natural ingredients that make up our formula. “I can trust that what I’m putting on my skin is safe AND effective,” she says. “I saw results within a week.”

Delfina Before and After: Cracked Heels

Anyone who struggles with dry, cracked heels, knows a pumice stone and thick moisturizer are not enough to soften feet. Mary, 47, had been struggling with cracked heels for a long time before she finally decided to try Delfina.

“The bottoms of my feet were very dry and harsh to touch,” she says. “I would feel very insecure about them.”

Before and After

Then Mary tried Delfina. After 25 days of regular use, Delfina softened her feet and even repaired damages resulting from the dryness.

“This amazing product does wonders,” Mary says. “My confidence has skyrocketed. Now when I touch the bottom of my feet, it feels like a baby’s skin.”

Jay, 46, has a similar Delfina before and after story. He suffered from such extreme dryness that it was too painful to walk around barefoot. Jay was also embarrassed to wear sandals.

Before and After

That all changed when he tried Delfina. “After using the product for only 3 days, I started seeing noticeable results,” Jay says. “My heels completely cleared after about 10 days. I love this product and highly recommend it!”

Healthier Skin for Everyone

Psoriasis, eczema, and cracked heels can be an everyday struggle for the people who live with these severe skin issues. It’s no wonder our most impassioned Delfina before and after stories come from those battling these conditions.

But that doesn’t mean you must have a serious skin affliction to benefit from our skin-nourishing oil. Delfina is designed to soothe dry skin and provide healthy glow.

According to these reviews, it works.

“I used Delfina Skin Dry Skin Oil for the first time when I was on vacation in Costa Rica this past December. Coming from the Northeast with already super dry skin, I was desperate to try something that would finally work! Delfina Skin Dry Skin Oil was that product for me. This product is absorbed into the skin immediately, leaving it glistening, moisturized, and hydrated.”


“This product smells amazing and is extremely moisturizing. I still don’t know how they made a moisturizing dry oil without the grease, but they did! I also have sensitive skin and had no issues with breakouts or allergic reactions! I highly recommend this.”

-Alison W.

“I specifically bought this product because of my cracked heels. I figured if it could help more serious skin conditions, why not my feet? After just a few days of using this oil, I saw such a big improvement. My skin looks and feels refreshed, as if it reversed time and undid all the years of damage from wearing heels and running around barefoot. I’m not embarrassed to wear flip flops or slingback shoes anymore. Ad since it worked so well, I’ve also been using it for other dry problem areas like my hands and legs. My skin looks great, feels as soft as a baby, and it’s all thanks to Delfina.”

-Nyre N.

Want to hear more? Read the reviews and see more after photos on our Dry Skin Oil product page.

Will You Have Your Own Delfina Before and After Story?

We have seen thousands of people change their lives with Delfina. Whether you’re battling psoriasis or dreaming of smoother skin, odds are good that Delfina can help you, too.

Bear in mind that each person’s skin physiology is different. You may not get the same instantaneous results as some of the individuals who shared their Delfina before and after stories. But you will see healthier, smoother skin with regular application.

If you’d like to learn more about Delfina, we encourage you to explore our website. You can purchase your own bottle of Delfina here.

If you have any questions about our product or would like help deciding if our formula can help you, don’t hesitate to reach out.