6 Tips to Maintain Healthy Skin

When it comes to maintaining healthy skin, there’s more information out there than ever before, but that can sometimes lead to confusion. So before getting lost down a vortex of skin regimens, let’s focus on your face - along with 6 essentials that’ll keep your skin there looking its best, so you can, in turn, feel your best too.

1. Know How (and When) to Moisturize

While moisture is key to the fountain of youth, knowing how and when is the most important part.

Aside from including a moisturizer like Delfina Dry Skin Oil, make sure you moisturize at least twice a day and after any activities (like working out or shaving) that may dry out your skin. 

Applying moisturizer straight out of the shower can help lock in moisture and may also help you remember to moisturize daily.

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2. You Are What You Eat

Skin health isn’t just external - by balancing your gut, you’ll also be balancing your face. Probiotics and gut-friendly foods (the kind that aren’t processed or filled with artificial sweeteners) go a long way towards maintaining healthy skin.

On top of that, incorporating food that’s rich in antioxidants (we’re talking berries, hearty vegetables and yes…...even dark chocolate) helps combat the free radicals that age your face and keep it uneven. Healthy fats can also protect against the same free radicals, powering up your cells to restore your skin’s natural barrier. If you’re looking for a place to start, fish (and fish oil) along with flaxseeds, eggs and nuts all offer copious amounts of healthy fats.

What You Eat for a Healthy Skin

3. Stimulate Your Face

Monthly facials are an ideal way to keep the blood flowing and your skin stimulated - resulting in a more youthful appearance, increased elasticity and a healthier complexion. Your skin’s cells generally renew monthly as it is, so facials are a great way to maximize nature’s own help. It goes without saying however, that facials aren’t exactly cheap. But even wearing facial masks, or investing in a jade roller and massaging the skin yourself, goes a long way to maintain circulation and keep looking your best.

4. Beauty Sleep Isn’t Just a Phrase

8 hours of regular sleep is essential to maintaining your skin barrier, and keeping wrinkles at bay. Along with that, consistent sleep is the best way to keep your skin balanced and healthy enough to self-regulate.

In fact, if you do nothing else, working to minimize stress and sleep more is the only step on this list considered absolutely essential.

Beauty Sleep

5. Keep the Water Lukewarm

There’s a common misconception that hot water is best, but if you’re washing your face at a scalding temperature, chances are you’re destroying the skin barrier and drying your face out with every routine. Cold water is also a bad choice - unless you’re splashing it on to finish a wash. For the tried and true temperature, go with lukewarm water, which will be hot enough to open your pores but won’t dry out your face.

6. Exfoliate Then Protect

Exfoliation doesn’t have to mean pain - in fact scrubbing your face harshly often leads to more problems than it solves. But exfoliating lightly (with either a mild acid formula or a toner) helps expedite your dead skin cells’ exit, and will increase the power of all your other skin products, like Delfina’s Dry Skin Oil, keeping you healthy and glowing.