5 Most Common Causes of Dry Skin in the Summer

It’s quite normal to experience dry skin in the colder, winter weather but what happens when you start to notice dry skin in the summer heat? Summer is the favorite time of year for so many; however, the skin can also dry out during the warmer months. Yes, the heat is one factor that draws moisture from the skin but there are other causes too. To get to know why your skin feels dry and rough in the summertime, read on to find out the five main reasons along with solutions for a softer, smoother and more comfortable skin.

1. Is your Skin Dehydrated?

Your skin might potentially be dehydrated during the summer because the higher temperature contributes to moisture loss. You may not be drinking enough water to replenish the lost fluid. Rather than reaching for a can of soda or an iced margarita, drink at least 2 liters of water a day. Not only will it help to flush out your system from toxins and impurities, it will also rehydrate you and if you do this every day, you’ll notice your skin becomes plumper, smoother and softer. If you don’t have the opportunity to drink enough water or even if you do, yet the skin is not hydrated in due time, you may simply spray Delfina Skin Dry Skin Oil to eliminate your skin dryness.

"I had extremely dry skin, which was always itchy. Because of the itching, there were scratches all over my legs. There was nothing I could do about it, no matter what I tried, until I started using Dr. Chilingaryan's Dry Skin Oil. Fortunately, the itches disappeared literally within two weeks. My skin became smooth and healthy again."

- Alvard M.

2. Are you Taking Hot Showers?

Some people simply prefer a hot shower, and no matter the outside temperature, the thermometer is constantly on heatwave! It might well be relaxing and even rejuvenating but very hot water can strip away the natural oils that your skin produces. Instead, use cool water to refresh yourself from the heat.

3. Are you Relying on Air Conditioning?

Yes, it’s often necessary to keep the air conditioner on during the summer but while it’s cooling (especially if you live in a very hot climate); it also dries out your skin. We all use it, in our cars, offices and inside the home. It helps to combat the heat but it draws moisture away from the atmosphere, soaking up your skin’s essential oils too. This leads to dryness. If you can, cut down the use of your air conditioning and use a fan instead. If you must use the air conditioning, turn on a humidifier to add moisture back into the air.

4. Are you Exfoliating Excessively?

Incorporating a gentle exfoliator into your skin care routine will help remove dead skin cells, but over-exfoliating your skin could damage your skin’s natural balance and trigger dryness and flakiness. Make sure you are extra-careful when exfoliating your skin and afterwards, always apply a hydrating product like Delfina Skin Dry Skin Oil to replenish the skin with any lost moisture and keep it feeling nice and soft.

5. Do you Have an Underlying Skin Condition?

If you’ve read the above and you don’t think any of them relate to your issue, then you might have a skin condition that needs special care and attention. There is lots of information about eczema and psoriasis already on our blog so have a read and decide if any of the symptoms described are similar to what you are experiencing. Then, use Delfina Skin Dry Skin Oil to help.