What’s the Big Deal with Cracked Heels and How to Manage it?

Picture the scene, a pleasant summer breeze, countless poolside parties, cocktails in the sunshine…and cracked feet! Does this sound familiar? When it comes to facial skin care, it’s rare that any of us would skip moisturizing, that important last step. Let’s not forget the several other products that we all incorporate into our cleanse, tone and moisturize routine – oh, and massaging body lotion into our limbs! Then it comes to our feet, if only we all had a little more time (not to mention energy!). However, neglecting our feet can lead to having cracked heels resulting in embarrassment and self-consciousness, especially when it comes to the summertime when they’re most on display. No one wants other people silently criticizing your tootsies!

Cracked Heels is a Common Problem

Having cracked and dry heels is a common problem affecting both men and women. Many forget to be proactive with foot care and seldom apply lotion below their ankles on a regular basis. However, the skin on the feet is just as susceptible to dryness as any other part of the body and if not regularly moisturized will eventually dry out, flake and crack. Cracked heels are usually not associated to anything serious, but the condition could lead to painful and deep cracks if not properly cared for.

"Every time I wore heels, I felt devastated that people could see the cracks. I tried so many products, but the cracks always came back. I'm so thankful for Dr. C’s Dry Skin Oil. It really changed the quality of my life."

- Emma L.

Keep Your Feet Healthy and Cared For

The problem with cracked heels is that it could lead to further issues and keeping the skin on your feet healthy isn’t that hard. Your feet need more upkeep than you might realize because you’re on them all day and they take your weight too. The Delfina Skin Dry Skin Oil restores the normal appearance of your skin!

Cracked Heels

The Dry Skin Oil is an outstanding, soothing product that helps to restore and smooth out dry and cracked feet and heels. All you need to do is to spray the product onto your heels and feet twice a day for at least fourteen days (or until you notice a significant change in appearance). Then, continue to use the product two or three times a week to maintain your soft, comfortable skin. Remember, just a small spray will go a long way. It’s so easy to use and only takes a moment to give your feet the care they deserve!

So – no more pain and no more embarrassing moments as you slip your feet into your favorite summer sandals and certainly no one staring with shock when you slide your socks off to reveal dry, flaky feet, with Delfina Skin Dry Skin Oil, your feet will always be summer-ready!