Dry Skin? You Might Be Making These Moisturizing Mistakes

Moisturizing is a necessity for your skin. That much is obvious, but your best way to moisturize isn’t always so obvious.

Whether you’re looking to reverse signs of aging, protect your skin against the elements, or just stay hydrated, there are many options available. Unfortunately, that also means there are many mistakes to make while moisturizing.

If you find your skin remains dry despite using a moisturizing routine that used to work for you (or if you’ve never had a routine that worked to begin with), there are many errors you could be making. We’ve outlined some of the biggest ones directly below:

Sticking to the Only Moisturizer You’ve Ever Known

Our skin changes over time, and that doesn’t just mean by the year. It means by the season. A number of elements can affect the way your skin holds moisture - from climate, to daylight, to hormonal changes. If you’ve been using the same product for a very long time, it may be your cue to switch it up.

The skin you have now is probably not the same skin you had when you started using some of your favorite products. So if that includes your moisturizer, and you’re still facing dry skin regularly, it may be because your old regimen’s too harsh for your current skin.

When moisturizing, stick to products that are not harsh on your skin. We recommend Delfina Dry Skin Oil.

Delfina has a proven track record of alleviating damage to your skin - including psoriasis, eczema, and cracked heels. It works by penetrating the skin’s outer layers and stimulating hydration from within.

Read more about how Delfina Dry Skin Oil works here and read Delfina success stories here.

Erratic Use

Moisturizing at least once a day is essential to maintaining a basic level of protection for your skin. From wind to cold to simply aging, your skin goes through a lot on a daily basis. If your skin’s protective barrier is damaged, it’s going to be more prone to breakouts and loss of hydration.

Moisturizing Mistakes- Erratic Use

Forgetting to moisturize or moisturizing on an inconsistent schedule puts your own protective barrier at greater risk. So, no matter what your moisturizing routine looks like, it’s important to keep it consistent - and above all else, remember that you need a routine in the first place.

You Skip Moisturizing When Your Skin Feels Oily

If you have oil-prone skin, you may be inclined to moisturize less (especially when your face is having an extra-oily day). However, oily skin is not the same as hydrated skin.

In fact, oil is often a big sign of existing dehydration - when skin is dry, it can produce excess oil to make up the difference. Moisturize through even your most oily days to keep skin properly balanced (and, specifically, properly hydrated).

You’re Applying Moisturizer Harshly

Be gentle with your skin, especially when making contact. Your moisturizer won’t work properly for you if you’re rubbing it in with tough, unfocused circles. Even if your moisturizer does still hydrate your skin, the damage from working it into the surface too hard can still do more damage than good.

Apply your moisturizer with the lightest touch possible. Delfina Dry Skin Oil is an excellent option for a moisturizer, particularly because it’s applied by spraying directly onto your skin. That’s as gentle as it comes.

You’re Only Moisturizing Your Face

Your skin is one organ - your face just tends to be the most visible part of it. To protect the whole organ, you’ve got to take care of more than just its most visible part.

A youthful face won’t mean much if it’s sitting over a dry, worn-out neck (which is an area that’s particularly prone to damage). Make sure your moisturizing routine extends down to your portrait area - namely your neck and chest - to maintain a youthful glow, and of course, moisturize any other areas on your body prone to dryness.

Moisturizing Mistakes - Only Moisturizing Your Face


Delfina Dry Skin Oil is a perfectly-suited moisturizer for any problem areas. It has a proven track record of alleviating skin conditions like cracked feet and psoriasis, and can be applied anywhere on your body. Learn more here in our helpful FAQ.

The Bottom Line

Dry skin can be frustrating, especially when you feel you are doing everything you can to combat it. However, even with a quality moisturizer, you may be making mistakes without realizing it. Moisturizing regularly and with the right technique can go a long way toward healthier skin.