Skincare In The Aging Female: Myths And Truths

As women age, treating and maintaining their skin can become a more challenging process. This isn’t a shocking revelation: the skincare industry is booming for a very good reason. However, with so many claims and discoveries being made in tandem, it can be difficult to parse out skincare truths from the fiction.

Below, we’ve highlighted three common skincare myths, along with three skincare facts that are always worth reiterating.

Check in and make sure your routine’s firmly planted in reality (so that your skin’s really taken care of).

Skincare MYTH - Tanning Is Objectively Bad (or Good) For You

It goes without saying that excessive UV exposure is dangerous; leading to premature aging or even skin cancer - whether from spending too long in the tanning bed, or simply baking by the pool all day.

However, with proper suncare (frequently applying an SPF of 30 or more) and moderate, gradual exposure during off-peak sun times, there’s currently no evidence that tanning is harmful at all. On the flip side, there’s also no evidence that tan skin is a sign of health.

Sun exposure is certainly vital to Vitamin D production, boosting immunity and protecting bones especially, but currently there’s no definitive proof that tan people hold higher immunity over paler folks.

Skincare MYTH - Tanning is Objectively Bad

As long as you’re getting 5-15 minutes of sun a day (or up to half an hour if you’re dark-skinned), your Vitamin D intake should be just fine. So tan or don’t; just be sensible about it.

Skincare FACT - Cell Renewal Slows As You Age

Starting around 30, women’s skin begins to lose elasticity, thin out and slow the cell renewal process, meaning that any damage incurred to the skin takes longer to heal. The good news is that a variety of treatments now exist to combat this process - specifically Delfina Dry Skin Oil. 

The good news is that a variety of treatments now exist to combat this process - specifically Delfina Dry Skin Oil.

Delfina works by penetrating the skin's outer layers to stimulate hydration and nutrition from within. Delfina has a proven track record of successfully treating skin conditions including psoriasis, eczema and cracked heels. Read more about how Delfina works here, and read Delfina success stories here.

Skincare MYTH - Organic Skincare Is Always Best

This myth is incredibly persistent, and one can certainly see the allure: natural or organic sure sounds great, but the reality is these products are often unregulated, and can even contain essential oils and botanicals that lead to breakouts and allergic reactions for many. To put it a different way - not everything in nature is harmless (think ragweed, poison oak or toxic fruit).

Skincare MYTH - Organic Skincare

Natural and organic are hardly a guarantee that your face is going to like it. The quick disappearance of so many of these brands is evidence enough of their danger. Opting for skincare developed by actual doctors, like Delfina Dry Skin Oil, is always a safer bet than simply opting for a label that sounds good.

Skincare FACT - Drinking Water Improves Your Skin

A common-sense fact that can’t be repeated enough, drinking water is essential for a variety of body functions, all of which improve your skin’s elasticity, cell renewal and natural moisture. Most importantly, the more water you drink, the quicker your body processes toxins and releases waste, instead of leaving it in your organs - specifically your skin.

Skincare MYTH - Water Alone Is The Most Important Factor In Moisturizing Skin

Not to walk back what we just said - along with the variety of sensible health benefits drinking water provides, water alone is not going to keep your skin moisturized and feeling fresh.

There’s no evidence - other than drinking your daily recommended intake - that water is absorbed into the skin faster or slower, based on consumption. If you’re looking for the fastest and most reliable way to keep your skin hydrated, limit dry air exposure and apply moisturizer generously.

When moisturizing, stick to products that are not harsh on your skin. We recommend Delfina Dry Skin Oil. Delfina Dry Skin Oil is especially well-suited to keeping your skin moisturized. It stimulates hydration deep under the surface; quickly transforming extra-dry problem areas. Water may be crucial to feeling your best, but when it comes to quickly looking your best, there’s no substitute for a great moisturizer.

Skincare FACT - Moisturize More Than Your Face

Most beauty routines focus on the face, but to properly service your skin, don’t stop there. Your whole body deserves to be maintained, especially your portrait area - namely your chest to your chin.

No amount of facework is going to matter if the area directly below it is sagging. The solution then is to simply keep the whole area moisturized with a product you trust. Again, Delfina Dry Skin Oil is a great way to keep your portrait area looking as young as your face, and is a vital solution to reversing existing damage that stems from severe dehydration.