Tips To Stay Supple As Seasonal Changes Remove Moisture

As the fall is approaching, the moisture from our skin starts to dry at a faster pace. Therefore, continuous moisturization and hydration need to be done to keep the skin conditions at bay. If not appropriately managed, skin dryness may cause hindrance in our day-to-day activities.

What causes dryness in winters?

The moisture in the air falls below a certain level in winters, due to which your skin might experience dryness, itching, redness, or even swelling in some severe cases. 

When the moisture level in the upper layer of your skin is reduced, it makes it prone to dryness in cold, windy weather.

Below is a complete guide for each susceptible part of your body that needs moisturization and care in dry and cold weather:


Lips need special attention as chapped and dry lips can affect the look of your face and personality and make you look messy.

A lip balm or a hydrating lip cream can control the dryness and make your lips look smooth and perfect when you smile.

Drinking water after regular intervals can also reduce dryness.  


By skincare routine, we usually mean taking care of our facial health. In cold and windy seasons, people typically tend to develop dry skin conditions that make their first appearance on the face. People with chronic dry skin during cold and windy seasons tend to experience dry skin on the face frequently. 

Applying a good, soft, and cruelty-free moisturizer can help to keep your face hydrated and glowing all day long. Delfina Dry Skin Oil can be used as a hydrating agent for your facial skin.

 Its fast-absorbing property leaves your skin glowing and bright throughout the day. 

Arms and elbows

Your arms and especially elbows demand special attention as they are more prone to dryness even in hot weather. This may occur due to lack of fluid intake, irritation due to a specific fabric or material, and major climatic change. If this chain of events is not responded to timely, it may lead to other severe skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis, which can be challenging to manage once you develop them.


Keeping your feet moisturized and soft all day long can be quite a challenging task. In addition, as moisture in the air is reduced in winters, you begin to feel your skin drying up faster than usual. This can cause concern for people living in northern areas or regions located far from the equator.  

Rest of the body

The rest of your body also requires care and nourishment in dry weather. Applying a natural product such as Delfina Dry Skin Oil serves as a moisturizing agent and helps prevent skin conditions from developing, especially in cold weather.

Causes of Dryness

There are several reasons for cracking and inflammation of dry skin in windy and cold seasons, some of which are:

  • Hot Baths

Taking long and regular baths in hot water can remove or damage the skin barrier or protection layer and cause it to become dry often.

  • Lack of hydration

If you are not drinking enough water and your hydration level drops below a certain level, you can face severe and uneasy dryness.

  • Reduced humidity levels

If the level of required humidity drops in the air, you can feel instant dryness, which can hinder your everyday house chores. Using a humidifier can remedy this issue.

  • Smoking habits

Some chemicals in cigarettes cause hindrance in oxygen supply to your skin cell, making the skin dry and cracked.

  • Allergens 

Allergies to some specific fabrics and materials can make your skin red and itchy. This leads to a damaged skin barrier and hence, dryness. 

  • Medications 

Side effects of some medications you take for your other health issues may also be a reason for increased risk of skin problems, including eczema.

  • Age

With age, the skin might become drier and thinner. Dry skin conditions in aging women can develop for a number of other reasons, including hormonal problems associated with menopause, such as hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism.

Delfina is not only a solution to the aforementioned conditions, but also a preventive measure in addition to moisturizing & leaving glowy skin.

Treatment and Prevention Guide

It's never too late to start the skincare routine and follow a well-defined lifestyle so that even the changing weather cannot affect your skin. Some of the tips to combat dryness are mentioned below:

Adopt a skincare routine

Dry winter air can make your skin inflamed, especially if you have sensitive skin.

To carry out a successful skincare routine, you need to have simple and natural skincare products that are gentle on your skin, particularly on the face. Also, bear in mind that your skin's moisture barrier must be healthy for serums, toners, and other beauty treatments to have an effect.

Inflamed skin may be more sensitive to chemicals that can be found in certain scents and alcohol. As a result, things that would typically feel nice on your face might be the reason for irritation.

Keep your skincare routine as straightforward as possible. For example, in the morning, use only Delfina Dry Skin Oil as a moisturizer and apply sunscreen while going out in the sun, and before going to bed, repeat the process except for the sunscreen.

Maintain the correct moisture level

Breathing in a dry, low moisturized environment can be difficult as it also causes your skin to itch and swell at times. A humidifier to maintain the required humidity level in the air can help combat skin issues due to dryness.

Shorten the duration of baths

Limit your bath time to 15 minutes maximum and use warm instead of hot water to take a bath. Too hot or cold water is harsh on your skin and can irritate it. 

Avoid irritants

Avoid or altogether quit using fabrics that irritate your skin, or wear gloves when coming in contact with skin allergens.

Use chemical-free soaps and body washes.

While taking a bath or washing your hands, use soaps or face wash that are cruelty-free and do not contain any harsh chemicals.

Eat right 

In addition to staying hydrated, eating healthy and nutritious foods can also contribute to maintaining healthy skin. For example, avoid eating too many oily foods, reduce sugar intake and increase the amount of fruit intake.

Apply sunscreen

Applying sunscreen while going out in the sun will protect you from damage. Use sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or greater for it to have an effect. UV rays from the sun can be damaging to your skin and can damage the skin barrier.

Wear warm clothes

Before going on long walks at night in winter, be sure to cover your feet with socks and your hands with gloves to keep them warm and moisturized.

Use Delfina Dry Skin Oil

Created by a doctor and made from natural ingredients, Delfina Dry Skin Oil is a revolutionary product that helps in treating and preventing skin dryness for all seasons and circumstances. Be it your face, elbows, feet, or any part of the body. 

You can apply it twice daily, that is, before going to bed and after taking your morning bath. Using it twice a day for 14 days will be sufficient if you have a temporary skin dryness issue, but you need to prolong the application to observe the results for more severe conditions.


Taking appropriate measures to fight and prevent skin problems is necessary to live everyday life. However, once these skin conditions develop, they can significantly affect your lifestyle and day-to-day activities and cause several mental health issues if not treated timely. 

Therefore, keeping Delfina Dry Skin Oil with you at home or while traveling can come in handy with its easy and quick application. Moreover, there is no hassle of taking loads of medicines, body oils, and continuous application, as this oil is sufficient to get you through the day without constantly applying it.