How To Remove Dry Skin From Feet

Feet are particularly prone to dryness. A combination of frequent friction and a lack of moisture from wearing shoes and socks all day can result in foot dryness. Dry, flaky feet can be uncomfortable and even sometimes painful – especially if dryness evolves into conditions like cracked heels.

The good news is, dry feet can usually be treated successfully with home remedies. If you are wondering how to remove dry skin from your feet, you have many options. There is no one-size-fits-all solution as everyone’s skin is different, but with some trial and error you can find a skincare routine that works for you.


Exfoliation is a means of removing dry skin from your feet through various means. There are many ways to exfoliate your feet to remove dead skin cells and promote healing. Exfoliating two or three times a week helps many people keep their feet soft and free of dead skin.

Chemical exfoliators are often good for more severe cases. These include lotions or liquids containing ingredients like glycolic acid or alpha-hydroxy acid. Applying products like this can help remove the upper layer of dead skin from dry areas on your feet.

remove dry skin from feet

One major downside to chemical exfoliators, however, is they often cause side effects like irritation, redness, or itchiness. Natural exfoliators – like sugar water or Epsom salt – are often effective alternatives. The grainy texture can help rub dead skin off of feet.

Natural options are sometimes less effective, especially for severe cases of dry skin. While there is some evidence natural products are less likely to cause adverse reactions, some people do still experience side effects. This is especially true for those with very sensitive skin.

Epsom Salt Foot Soaks

Epsom salt is a crystalized form of magnesium sulfate that may be able to exfoliate and smooth out dry, cracked skin on your feet.

To do an Epsom salt foot both, pour half a cup of Epsom salt into a footbath or a full cup of Epsom salt into a bathtub. Fill the tub or bath with lukewarm water and soak your feet for 20 minutes.

Rinse your feet and then pat them dry. Always apply a moisturizer after a foot soak. We recommend Delfina Dry Skin Oil. 

Created by a physician, Delfina penetrates the skin’s outer layers to stimulate hydration from within. It has no known history of side effects or allergic reactions, as opposed to many over-the-counter moisturizers, and has a history of successfully treating conditions like dry skin and cracked heels.

Pumice Stones

Pumice stones are natural lava stones that you can rub over your feet to remove dry skin and calluses. They can actually be used alongside the above method. Many people use a pumice stone after an Epsom salt soak as the skin is softened, making it easier to rub off dead skin.

To use a pumice stone, dip the stone in warm water after soaking your feet for 10 to 20 minutes. Gently rub the stone across your feet in circular motions, focusing in particular on areas with a lot of dry, dead skin.

remove dry skin from feet

Make sure not to use a pumice stone on injured or sore areas and remember to be gentle. Even with proper use, some people experience irritation or an allergic reaction after using a pumice stone.

Foot Creams And Moisturizers

There are many over-the-counter products specifically designed to treat foot dryness.

Dermatologists often recommend products with ingredients like petroleum jelly and coconut oil. While such products do work for some, they have a history of causing adverse reactions like redness, dryness, and irritation. They can also be very messy.

This is why dermatologists recommend Delfina Dry Skin Oil. It is not known to cause adverse reactions and treats the underlying causes of dry skin for longer lasting relief. Delfina also prevents conditions such as cracked heels and it is a simple, spray-on oil that does not leave your skin sticky or greasy afterward.

Read more about how Delfina works here and see before and after pictures here showing how Delfina has successfully treated many skin conditions.

Moisturizing socks can often help in severe cases. You can purchase these online or at a pharmacy. However, some people find it uncomfortable to sleep in socks and may also experience adverse reactions to the moisturizers used in these products.

How To Remove Dry Skin From Feet: The Bottom Line

There are many options to treat dry cracked feet and everyone’s body will respond differently to the above methods. Those with sensitive skin may especially struggle to find a treatment that works, but be patient. With some trial and error, you should be able to find relief.

Delfina Dry Skin Oil remains the most effective method to remove dry skin from feet and to treat issues like cracked heels. In fact, once heels become cracked, Delfina is the only effective treatment option.

We are always here to help if you have any questions about Delfina or skin care in general. Feel free to contact us any time if you are struggling with dry skin.